Web Designer vs Website Builder

Every TV & radio channel, websites and even Spotify will tempt you with “build your own website” ads. Very often for “free”! We might be a little biased, but let’s try to break it down and identify the pros and cons of both solutions.

Over the last few years the available website builders have improved significantly and you could build a really decent website yourself. But should you? In our opinion, everything boils down to one question: do you treat your website as a cost or as an investment?

If you believe that you need a website because “everybody has one these days” and you need to set one up and be done with it at the lowest possible cost then there’s probably not much a web designer could do for you. Simply because professional web designers are not just experts at putting together graphic elements and colours, but they are online marketing and user interface specialists that will work with you to make sure you don’t just have an online presence, but that your website is a powerhouse that drives your business. Unless you have such expertise you’re throwing yourself at unchartered waters if you’ve decided to build your website yourself.

Have you ever tried to do something that is not your specialty and then regretted that you didn’t call in an expert?

But the expertise is only the beginning. Site builders can be very cheap because they are designed to reel you in and then upsell other features if you need them. Own domain name? Plus £10. Online chat? Plus £35. Additional pages? £5 per pop. The costs can build up. And what if your business grows and the DIY solution you invested in is not sufficient any more? There are very slim chances that you will be able to transfer any of the content to a dedicated website solution.

What about SEO? Will the website builder help you research your competition and use the right keywords on the website? Do you know the search trends in your area? Because these questions are the basics of building a website…

We have seen this scenario many times. And as it usually happens, cheaper turned out to be more expensive and less effective in the long run.

When we take on a project the website is a result of our marketing and preparation work. We have helped many businesses grow and build their image online. Our combined expertise in sales, marketing and web development allows us to offer tailored solutions that will help you get more customers and achieve a high return on investment.

Because this is what your website is – an investment in the future of your business. Don’t leave it to chance.