"What doesn't exist online doesn't exist at all" goes the saying and the times when having a website was optional are long gone. A professional online presence has become a standard and on top of that the percentage of mobile users accessing the Internet on a daily basis is constantly growing. Our web design packages ensure that your website supports not only desktop browsers, but also tablets and smartphones. Everything through modern responsive web design
At the heart of each of our web design package lies a very user-friendly Content Management System that makes keeping your website up-to-date a real pleasure. We specialise in building bespoke CMS developed to meet the specific requirement of your business. If your website is relatively standard we can install and customise an industry-leading CMS which makes updates very easy. "Content is king" and modern web design revolves around giving the content its due prominence
One of the best things about a website is the ability to precisely measure its performance. Once your website is launched we will install a sophisticated tracking system that will tell you how many page views, visits and visitors your website had in a period of time. We can also tell you which web pages are most popular and how users found your website. We can even generate regular reports and deliver them right to your mailbox. Remember - "What gets measured - gets managed"
Social Media revolutionised information flow and created focal points for groups and communities. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are the top players reaching over a billion people around the world. More importantly they serve as community portals where local businesses can interact with local customers, generate new leads and offer a support platform. Sometimes it can also be the most cost effective form of advertising - so let's set up your social media profile!
Having an e-commerce website built is a great investment. The vast majority of us shop online almost every day for groceries, hardware, appliances, travel and insurance. E-commerce is a branch of web design that follows its own set of principles and whether you are based in Scarborough or far away we will work closely with you to deliver a carefully crafted web application to meet your online sales targets
Search Engine Optimisation is the industry that helps your website achieve high rankings in search engines. SEO is a constant process of monitoring and improving. Every website we develop has SEO tools integrated so we can start optimising it from the very beginning. Search rankings are a form of popularity contest and our SEO Scarborough team will work hard to ensure that you're not losing in this contest against your competition

The web design service was one to one all the way through the process and we had training on how to work through the website, alter our own information and are able to update the website when ever we wish to. They are just so helpful, polite and make the technical side easy to understand with screen shots of how to action changes and easy email and telephone help when ever we need it.

Nothing is too much trouble and you can always rely on StudioExcel to build a website second to none, something that has been commented on by several of our customers.

Studio Excel set out the key parameters of the web design project clearly, explained the options and limitations for the website, developed exactly what we wanted and delivered work on or ahead of schedule.

Studio Excel has made it a pleasure, and I have really enjoyed the whole web design experience. My company has now got a fresh and unique website that is clear and concise.

We are extremely pleased with our new website. The revamp was long overdue and we needed a high spec website to meet our needs.

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