Reliable hosting is crucial for every website and we offer comprehensive hosting solutions starting from only £99 per year. Make no mistake – it’s not just an account on one of our UK-based, super fast and responsive servers. Individualised customer care is included so if you have any questions, ideas or need to update your website, we are here to help and very often it won’t cost you a penny!

Our hosting and maintenance packages comprise:

  • server account with sufficient disk space and data transfer
  • e-mail accounts
  • content delivered via CDN (optional)
  • DoS attack prevention (optional)
  • free minor website updates
  • rolling backups (daily, weekly & monthly)
  • transactional emails delivered via an SMTP relay for increased deliverability

If you have any questions just give us a call on 01723 600 445 and we will be happy to explain the details.