How to write a web design brief

Nobody knows your business better than yourself, therefore each web design company needs your input in the beginning to deliver a website that meets your expectations and achieves its goals. A thoroughly prepared website brief is critical to the success of your website, guarantees smooth and swift development process and gives your business a boost online. We’ve divided the most typical questions into section. Let’s crack on!


About your business

First we would like to know what your business does, what are its unique selling points, how long has it been operational and what customer base it targets. Knowing about your main competitors is also very helpful. Who makes decisions? What is the structure of your organisation?


About the project and its objectives

We need some information on your existing website and its objectives.

Does it showcase products or services, does it generate sales? If you don’t have a website, please outline the objectives of your new site.

If you have a website: What does SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis look like?

Do you know any similar websites that you like (and why) and what websites do you dislike (and why).

Try to explain your objectives in layman terms. This will help us convey the message to someone who is not necessarily steeped in your industry.

What would you like your website to achieve?

Do you want us to handle your SEO needs?

When would you like the website to go live?


Website structure

How many pages or sections do you anticipate?

Do you have content to upload to your website (images, copy, other digital files)?

What are the most important keywords that reflect your business?


Usability aspects

Who is your target audience?

Do you consider UGC (User Generated Content) e.g. comments, reviews etc.?

Do you want to offer your site visitors the ability to create their own accounts to interact with a restricted area of the website?

Who will be responsible for managing the content of your website?

How often will the content of your website be updated?


Additional functionality

Does your website require any API (Application Programming Interface) to interact with external systems?

Will your website have any downloadable content?

If you need an E-commerce website: is the shopping cart flow relatively standard or do you require any specific functionality?


These are probably the most important questions, the Website Structure in particular, which allow us to form the correct design and delivery strategy and guarantee the desired outcome. If you’re stuck and don’t know how to answer any of the questions just give us a call on 01723 600 445