How to choose the right web design company?

There is no doubt that even the smallest business can benefit from an online presence and having a professional website designed and set up is one way of achieving it.

And there is no shortage of freelance web designers, creative agencies and web development businesses. Their expertise, scope of services and fees will vary greatly but most of them will have no problem taking on any project from a simple five-page standard website to a bespoke project written from the ground up to your specification and business requirements.

Which one to choose?


If you’re not well versed in the online world you may find yourself in a position where a majority of the things a web developer tells you may sound very unfamiliar. And this is your first clue.

Chances are that over time your website will grow along with your business and so will your relationship with your web designer. The last thing you need is an impeded communication full of technical terms that leave you even more confused after you have received an answer yo your question. Yes, some things cannot be translated into layman terms but you should feel comfortable speaking to your developer and satisfied with the information provided.

Most web designers prefer to communicate by email so make sure this channel works for you. This way you can keep record of your exchange with the designer and refer to it in the future.

Work quality

This is arguably the most important factor when it comes to web design. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and you may have a different vision to the one suggested by your web designer but bear in mind that they might be speaking from experience trying to give you the best advice on what will and what won’t work for your business online. Take a look at their case study page to see what projects they have worked on. Are the designs varied? Do they look fresh? Is the navigation intuitive and easy to follow? Did they pay attention to details? How easy is it to access and read the website’s content? If the answer to these questions is predominantly yes then you may be one step closer to choosing the right web designer.


Ultimately it is your budget that determines your choice of a web designer so it is important to look closer at the overall cost of the website. Many web design companies try to outrun themselves offering very low cost entry packages. But be careful because cheap investments usually yield cheap returns. Very often the initial offer is tempting but then you realise that there is an ongoing cost to maintaining your website or that there is very little scalability until you upgrade to a more comprehensive web design package.

This is why it is wise to perceive your website as an investment. If you’re prepared for a higher initial outlay it may turn out that you save money in the long run and face less challenges in the future. Be wary of quotes that are unusually low. They often reflect poor service and ultimately you get what you’ve paid for. If something looks too good to be true it usually is.


Having your website set up is just the beginning. Make sure your web designer offers a support package so you can contact them any time should you need advice or help with keeping your website up to date.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01723 600 445 or send us an email and we will be happy to offer our assistance.