What is flat web design?

The entire web design community is undergoing a radical change in the approach to web and application design. It is safe to say that the age of flashy frameworks is over and content is king again. If you own an iOS device and upgraded to the latest iOS7 you have inevitably noticed a major shift in the touch and feel of the entire operating system and most of the applications. The same things happens online with many web designers adapting this new trend. And quite rightly so.

Flat design eliminates shadows, gradients and other unnecessary clutter giving content its due prominence. It is usually easier to find your way around a website that is responsive and flat because the design is no longer a distraction from the content. Flat web design is opposite to skeuomorphism – a technique where certain design tricks allow the designer to mimic real objects through the application of textures, shadows and gradients.

At first we were a little apprehensive and felt that the new iOS lacked a creative flare and was over simplistic. But this might have been due to the fact of using and designing skeuomorphic websites for quite a while. But in a short time we realised that vivid colours, design clarity, thought-out use of fonts and lots of breathing space are definitely the elements that make a modern website appealing. Combined with the right social media integration and engaging content are a great recipe for success.

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