Website Security

We make every effort to make sure your website data is secure. Our server has a number of security features in place, minimising the possibility of unauthorised access.

But no system is 100% immune to hacker attacks (various banks and even the Pentagon reported data breaches). We can’t eliminate the risk of security breach entirely, but we can minimise its possibility and put a recovery plan in place.

Your website will be regularly backed up – daily, weekly and monthly. This means that should anything unexpected happen, we can restore your website within a few hours.

Brute force attacks
Attackers often get access to the backend of a website by guessing usernames and passwords. To make sure it doesn’t happen, we have a system in place to prevent such attacks.


Secure Layer Socket (SSL) is a means of encrypting data while it’s being transferred to and from the user’s browser. To have your website work within this protocol you need to purchase and install an SSL Certificate. Another benefit is that Google and other search engines look favourably at secure websites.


Content Delivery Networks are advanced systems that give your website a performance boost and also protect your website from various online threats like DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. If your website requires this additional layer of protection and performance improvement, we will be able to help with that too.