Website Content Writing

When it comes to the words on your website, it’s true that content is king. But coming up with exciting and engaging copy that will captivate your website visitor AND be friendly to search engines, is no easy task. You’ve spent a lot of time getting your website right; don’t spoil it by using the wrong words!

Your website content is a reflection of your business

Getting the content right can be tough. If you’re not a professional writer, you may find it difficult to choose the right words and the right tone and approach for your website. Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar are obviously paramount too. First impressions are vital and you don’t want to put your visitor off straight away with some clumsy copy.

The content should match your target audience

Your business is your pride and joy and you’ve spent a lot of time and effort understanding your product or service and understanding your target audience. Don’t ruin that by using some ill-chosen words. It’s important that the style it’s written in matches your target audience. Do you want to be friendly, light-hearted and approachable? Business-like and efficient? Or technical and knowledgeable? Or a combination of all of these and more? Different websites require different styles… you wouldn’t expect the same approach from a site selling children’s entertainment as one offering life insurance.

In all cases you are looking to engage your website visitor, help them to understand how you can meet their need or solve their problem. In short, you want them to like you and trust you so that they stay on your website and hopefully buy from you or at the very least learn more about you.

None of this is easy. We can all get too close and too passionate about our own businesses and forget to write about what we do in a way that others can grasp and understand instantly.

Write for people, but remember search engines

First and foremost we are writing for people. But we mustn’t forget search engines too. Search engines are really important and your content must strike a balance between being easy to understand and engaging for your audience and also avoid pitfalls that would jeopardise good rankings in search results. Search engines are very clever these days and there is a set of rules you must to follow to satisfy their requirements as well. Again, this isn’t easy to do.

If all of this sounds like a challenge, you may want to leave content writing to experienced professionals to make sure you get it right. At StudioExcel we can help you with that as an additional service to help you get the most from your website.