Web Development

We live in a world that is dependent on applications, computer programs and the Internet. And it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We can do things quicker and achieve more. We can access any kind of information and broadcast news on an unprecedented scale. Behind every digital action there is a program the handles the data and gives us the results. Sometimes called “the code” or “the script”.

There are many programming languages and although in the early nineties we used Assembler to write simple games for Commodore 64 (if you’ve lived long enough, you probably know what it is) and today we use PHP to write our web applications. And every website is an application – you send a request through your browser, a computer (server) processes that request and as a result you can see a web page.

What separates StudioExcel from many web developers is that we come from IT & programming background. We don’t just take off the shelf components to build a website – we build the components to make sure you get the most efficient and flexible application!

We’ve faced many challenges over the years and it’s safe to say there is very little that can surprise us. We have a massive library of custom functions and solutions so we will surely be able to find the right one for you, but even if we won’t we can write a dedicated program for your website.