Paperless office? You should try it…

As our lives become more and more digital it is worth taking a closer look at the idea of a paperless office. Many of us can’t imagine running a business without papertrail (and everyone has their own idea why) but the abundance of application and hardware makes it really easy and more importantly – secure. Here are a few suggestions of apps that can help you go paperless.

Digital filing cabinet

EvernoteEvernote is a free application available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that can quickly become a digital alternative for filing, making notes, storing incoming correspondence, scanning documents etc. It has OCR capabilities and allows you to find your documents and notes in seconds regardless of how many of them you have. Unlimited storage is available even with the free plan but you can always upgrade to premium to share your documents and notebooks and then Evernote becomes a great collaboration tool.

The Web Clipper allows you to quickly grab the content of an entire web page and immediate sync ensures that a note made on your iPhone is instantly available on your desktop in the office. And even if you’re on the go you can use their beautiful web interface to access and make notes.

For us it is an essential tool and we can’t imagine a productive work day without it.


InvoiceableInvoiceable¬†allows you to create and send customised invoices, generate reports and manage clients through a slick web interface. You don’t need to install anything and you can access your account on the go on tablets and smartphones. Seriously, we’re loving it. The best part – it’s free! You can upgrade to remove their ad from your invoices plus buy a bunch of add-ons but they are not essential. If you value flexibility and don’t require a very complicated bookkeeping system Invoicable will be perfect for you.


Google AppsIf you work with others then you know well that exchanging documents by email can spin out of control. Multiplying a document is not the best idea and this is where Google Docs come to play. If you have a Google account (and who doesn’t these days) you can easily create text documents and spreadsheets and then share them with individuals or whole groups. You can see who’s editing the document, you have access to the full revision history of your documents and you can even print them out if you need to. All that without the need to own a Microsoft Office license. To try it out go to Google Drive, log in and you have access to 15GB disk space for your documents, email and images.