How to make Twitter work for your business

What we sometimes hear when we speak to business owners who are trying to promote their website is “Twitter? I can’t be bothered with Twitter. What’s the use?” Well… There are entire enterprises built on social media where Twitter can be a massive drive force helping you achieve your online goals. Our goal here is to make sure you understand how Twitter works and how you can benefit from it. Because who wouldn’t like to benefit from free, global and unrestricted advertising, right?

But first things first.

Twitter is a social media platform where you can connect with people or organisations. Everybody on Twitter has their username – ours, for instance, is @studioexcel. To get your username you must set up an account with Twitter. It’s free and does not oblige you to do anything. But trust us, you will want to do a lot!

First of all: listen!

Yes, Twitter is a great listening tool. You can listen to (follow) an organisation or an individual that has something interesting to say (tweet). For example, if you would like the latest news right in your Twitter app (we’ll get to that) you can follow @BBCNews

Twitter also allows you to search the database of tweets just as if you were searching anything on the Internet. But instead of websites the search returns tweets containing your keywords.

Which leads us to a very important feature of Twitter called “hashtags”. In Twitter terminology a hashtag is a subject or topic. For instance many tweets that are business related will have the business hashtag included. It looks like this: #business

You will also notice that some tweets are directed at someone e.i. contain a username. This is called a mention. You can always mention someone in your tweet if you want to let them know the tweet in some way relates to them. Here’s a sample tweet you may want to broadcast:


“Just read a blog post on Twitter for #business on @studioexcel website. Simple advice on using Twitter to grow your business online”


All those who follow you as well as those who search for “#business” will see your tweet. And we will know about it too because you mentioned us! We may even retweet you letting our followers know about you!

Surely by now you’re starting to see the potential here. You can target hashtags and individual users to put your message out there. And you can add links to any website, including yours, attach images and videos etc. So here’s a sample commercial tweet:


“Visiting #scarborough this #weekend? Family #dining 50% OFF. Visit for details”


Isn’t it simple?

Be careful though because these days people are also looking for quality content online – rarely for ads. So stick to the golden rule:


10% ads, 20% quality content on your website, 70% quality referrals to other websites.


How does it work?

Start a blog on your website. Post about various things that directly or loosely relate to your business profile. Tweet about them. If you stumble upon an interested article on the Internet just grab its link and tweet it. And every now and then garnish your Twitter feed with a special offer or a reminder how great your services are.

And make sure to add some interactive elements to your tweet. They will give it a boost. The chart below shows how particular elements in a tweet increase the chance of it being retweeted (source:


These are the basics and as you can see the rest depends on your imagination and creativity.

It also goes without saying that having social media sharing links (including Twitter) on your website is an absolute necessity.

You can use Twitter through their website or use one of many applications for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

Our personal favourite? TweetBot

If you would like to know more or need to integrate social media on your website drop us a line or give us a call on 01723 600 445

Happy tweeting!