Give your workspace a creative boost with contemporary rugs by Sonya Winner

We’ve all been there. You’ve just spent a couple of hours fruitlessly trying to come up with that fantastic idea for a blog article, image, website, portfolio or corporate presentation. And… nothing. You know you need an inspiration.

And imagine that the creative flare strikes when you look at your floor…

Sonya WinnerSonya Winner creates exceptional rugs that are graphic, vibrant, colourful and highly original. Her first rug, The Kaleidoscope, caused a sensation when it first went on sale, and was promptly shortlisted for an Elle Decoration award. It has been a favourite with discerning buyers, interior decorators, stylists and celebrities internationally ever since.

Sonya Winner Bubbles OutlineSonya’s rugs showcase her rare talent for colour blending. Her design process involves layering colours and textures by hand to create something truly unique, that her many fans consider to be as much works of art as rugs and wall hangings.  Her iconic designs have been featured in over 80 international publications and numerous blogs and web magazines.

The first time I stumbled upon Sonya’s rugs I literally couldn’t believe the freshness of the contemporary colour play of her designs. Many of them are incredibly close to the concept of modern, flat website design.

Skilful compositions of contrasting colours and pronounced geometrical shapes are bound to get your creative juices flowing. The rugs bring freshness and vibrance to any space so do yourself a favour, visit and get ready to be amazed.