Atheist Census

We have teamed up with Atheist Alliance International one more time to deliver an international website which allows non-believers to get counted in Atheist Census.

The website collects anonymous data submitted and confirmed by visitors. The data is then collated and presented in a graphic form as maps and charts with a reporting system available to the public.

The project met a fantastic response (up to 50,000 visits per day) and very shortly suffered a DoS attack which caused a few days of downtime. Since the attack has been mitigated the website is running smoothly and became a source of detailed information on non-believers around the world.

Project address:

We’ve received the following feedback from the AAI President, Tanya Smith:

I worked with Studio Excel on two projects in 2012/2013 – a full re-design and re-launch of the Atheist Alliance International (AAI) website and the development and launch of Atheist Census (

On both these projects their work and attitude was exceptional.  They set out the key parameters of the project clearly, explained the options and limitations for the project, developed exactly what we wanted and delivered work on or ahead of schedule.  They applied a perfectionist standard to his work and patiently responded to all our questions.  In the case of Atheist Census they also went well beyond the agreed parameters of the project to respond to a denial-of-service attack and ensure the site’s ongoing performance.

I have rarely worked with someone as committed and as reliable and do not hesitate to recommend StudioExcel extremely highly.