Avoid a disaster and back up your data with Backblaze

For some it’s so obvious there’s no need to mention it, but for others it still is bit of an elephant in the room.

Data backup.

You may have never experienced any hardware failure, theft or any other calamity but as our lives become increasingly more digital a growing part of our them is being stored on our computers. On the one hand it is a fantastic thing but on the other – what happens if you lose all the photos of your newly born child, or your daughter’s wedding pictures? What if all your email disappears along with the designs you’ve created? What if you keep all your correspondence as Word files and suddenly all of it is gone?

There are a plethora of solutions available depending on the system you’re currently using. If you’re a Mac user then a chunk of your files is already stored in iCloud. If you prefer Google Apps you have all your spreadsheets and text documents stored on Google Drive.

You have inevitably heard about Box, Dropbox and other similar services where you can quite easily save your important files and have them not only backed up but also available on other devices.

We have tested a number of various backup solutions over the years and finally settled for the most hassle-free solution which is a true, run-in-the-background online backup with unlimited storage, designed with backup-and-forget approach in mind.


All it takes to have your entire computer backed up is to open an account with Backblaze, install their little app and – you’re done!

You can select which files and folders you Do NOT want to back up but it’s entirely up to you.

The advantage of this solution over other cloud services is that it backs up ALL of your files. To put it into context – if your computer, touch wood, dies today you get a new one tomorrow, download your backup (or order a backup disk) and you can pick up where you left off.

You could say that Dropbox does it too and then some. True, but… If you only need to sync SOME of your files with other computers or devices – use Dropbox – it’s fantastic We know it. We use it all the time.

But if you need to back up your entire drive, let’s say you have around 500GB of data, Dropbox will cost you £350 per year whereas Backblaze will charge you only £35. And that’s it. No fine print, no limits. It’s the price of your morning latte for about 2 weeks.

You even get access to single files and can restore them any time and from anywhere. Just make sure you are on an unlimited broadband option to avoid extra charges from your Internet provider.

If you have any questions on backing up your data send us an email or give us a call on 01723 600 445